West Virginia Lottery

It is very easy to recognize a West Virginia Lottery player. Most of these individuals will be glued to their televisions every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 11:00 sharp to watch as the six winning numbers are drawn one at a time. This twice a week Powerball drawing is the most exciting part of many a persons week.

Those who choose to play the Powerball game will have to choose six random numbers. Five must be between one and fifty-five, and the last, the Powerball number, will be between one and fifty-five.

Many have a great deal of fun selecting these numbers and will often choose them based on a dream, a feeling, someone's birthday, an important date, or another important date. There is no limit to the ways that one can choose their numbers, and as the experts say, there may really be some actual rhyme or rhythm to the way that these numbers fall. So perhaps choosing can really benefit you.

Others would rather not waste their time with numbers and will let the computer randomly generate them instead. This QuickPick option is just that: a simple and easy choice.

These Powerball tickets are only one dollar apiece, making them quite attractive in the eyes of many a gambler. One can also choose the Power Play option, meaning that you have more opportunities to win, and making the tickets more expensive.

True gamblers will appreciate the West Virginia State Lottery website. From this platform, you can have access to most other state lotteries, as well as some foreign ones. Few other states will allow this kind of access, which just goes to show you how laid back and liberal this state is with their gambling policy. But the big gamblers will call it the best state lottery site compared to any other.